Sunday, 31 March 1996

Bush gives memorable show at Rupp

Goo Goo Dolls and No Doubt accompany Bush for incredible showBy Robert DuffyArts Editor

No Doubt, Goo Goo Dolls, Bush.
It sounds like a mini-Lollapalooza, but in fact it's the list of bands that performed to an energetic crowd Thursday at Rupp Arena.

The show opened up with No Doubt, and I'm just disappointed that I didn't hear of this band earlier.

The set was everything a music fan could ask for and more. Lead singer Gwen Stefani seemed to feed off the energy of the audience as she ran back and forth across the stage, while at the same time keeping the song flowing smoothly.

There was a fun sing-a-long to "Excuse Me Mr.," with Stefani exchanging lyrics back and forth with the crowd.

And when the band finally performed "Just A Girl," it was no-holds-barred electricity. Before the song started, however, she asked the audience if there were any girls out there, because the song she was about to perform was for ladies only. Man, I love it when bands talk to the audience.

After No Doubt's set was over, I had the urge to drop out of school and follow the band wherever it went.

If you like what you hear of the Goo Goo Dolls from the radio or the group's album, then I guess you like its live show. Unfortunately, I just can't get into the band's music, since they just seem like every 30-something rock band trying to look like teen-agers to me. But, man, the high school girls around me sure enjoyed the set.

Bush, however, was absolutely incredible. You know you're doing something right when you're headlining at arenas after only one album (which, of course, has sold three million copies and has five hit singles from it).

Bush opened the set with its latest single, "Machinehead." The intensity of the whole band was evident as the members methodically churned out song after song with little time in between.

Every Bush song that you wanted them to play was played. When the band performed "Everything Zen" and "Swim." When it played "Little Things," the band produced an all-out nuclear explosion.

And, of course, lead singer Gavin Rossdale got the crowd roaring when he mentioned those good ol' Kentucky Wildcats. "How do you grow them so tall?" he asked the cheering Cat fans.

The band also played some new songs which are going to be on its new album, to be recorded this summer. One song, "Bubbles," is about being bored. But as Rossdale said to the audience, how can you live in Lexington and be bored, when we have our basketball and football teams?

The most emotional moment of the night came when Rossdale returned to the stage alone for the encore. Lighters lit up all over the place while he sang "Glycerine" and attacked his guitar.

There was a certain air of professionalism to this fairly new band. The band members had a mission and they did it.

Another good thing about the band was it seems that the "rock and roll star" thing hasn't gone to their head yet. Rossdale took time out to talk and even smile to the crowd every once in awhile (remember when you used to do that, Vedder?). There was even a point where Rossdale walked near to where I was sitting and laughed when he saw a poster that some girls wrote that read "Get Naked Please."

Although the stage was at half-court, the crowd was more pumped-up and louder than at the R.E.M. show from October. Rupp even opened up the floor of the arena for people to stand, crowd surf, mosh and do whatever sick and twisted things people will do when they're packed together (note to trivia buffs: the Bush show marked the first time Rupp opened the floor since 1978, when the Rolling Stones played there. It was in Bush's contract).

All in all, the show was not something to miss. Everything worked. The next step is to get those damn T-shirt prices down.

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Thursday, 14 March 1996

Amazing performance of Glycerine by Bush at MTV's Spring Break 1996.

Amazing performance of Glycerine by Bush at MTV's Spring Break 1996. Despite heavy rain and chance of lightning, the guys played.
Wednesday, 13 March 1996

Bush performs "Glycerine" at Club La Vila in Panama City Beach during the 1996 Spring Break.

Friday, 1 March 1996

Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush and Gwen Stefani from the band No Doubt - Santa Barbara Bowl

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